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Why You Need To Consider Having Your Own Family Picture

Some people might think taking a family picture is corny. I beg to disagree because for me this is one of my most important possessions. A simple family picture speaks a lot of stories, you know.   Allow me to share why it’s our tradition that every time when we are complete we would never forget to have our most recent family picture. If you don’t ... Read more

Why Are You Working Now?

If you are working now, this article is written for you. Let me just ask you this question; Why are you working now? Surely, you have a lot of reasons to share. Below might include some of them; Because you need to provide for your family Because you need to support your siblings in their studies Because you want to have enough money for retirement Because you ... Read more


What is your happiness? Just keep your answer yourself and in this article let me share with you mine. Aside from having a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and with my girlfriend, my happiness is when I’m with my family. I’m blessed growing with my whole family. As in we are complete except of course when my older brother died 16 years ago. We grew ... Read more


I was struck when I learned this from Neale Donald Walsch in one of his Youtube videos. I believe it’s a hard truth. As much as I want to believe that my life is meant for me, I would still go back to this truth until I wholly accepted it. I know that it will be hard to implement in my day to day life but ... Read more

Happy Birthday To My Teacher Sister

Happy 23rd birthday sis! “No life’s worth more than any other, no sister worth less than any brother.” – Michael Franti Yes indeed. You are as worthy as any other even our own family members. We are born equal, no more no less. Sis Leah, I and we as a family would just want you to know that we are so blessed having you. Our family ... Read more
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The Power of Surrender


One of the major decisions I made in life was when I decided to resign from my …

The Confessions of a Breadwinner

According to, a breadwinner is the one whose earnings are the primary source of support for …

What I Realize When People Are Asking For Directions

When I was tapped by my manager to act as in-charge to our recently opened branch in …

How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam

How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam

I’m writing this blog with an intention to inspire you …


Today is an ordinary day.

When you go outside, you can see ordinary things. You can see ordinary …



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