5 Practical Tips On How You Spend Your Salary Wisely

This blog is intentionally written for you if you’re a working individual if you’re receiving fixed salary every month.

I just have one question for you: How do you spend your salary?

Being an employee doesn’t mean you’re a loser. If it’s so, there will be no more employees nowadays. Who would want to be a loser, right?

I, myself is an employee right now and I’m proud of it. I’m so proud of a hardworking person like you who works full time just to provide and support your family.

But being hardworking is just one side of the story. The other side is how you spend your salary. And this will be our focus here. I’ll give you some tips on how you should spend it in a wise way.

Here we go;

  1. Prepare a monthly budget. List down all the things you need to spend money with, in the days to come. Prioritize them by the level of importance and urgency. Track your daily expenses as well by writing down your expenses or putting it in an excel file and save it in your phone.
  2. Consider giving back to God by means of your tithe. The tithe is simply 10% of your monthly gross income. But it doesn’t mean, you force yourself to give that 10%. Still, it depends on your capacity. It is also a simple reminder that all the things you have now come from God.
  3. Pay all your debts first. Make sure to clear them first. It’s so hard to budget your money if you still have outstanding debts. By paying your debts, you’re also setting yourself to less stress.
  4. Spend your money only on your needs especially if you’re budget is tight. Forget for the meantime your wants. It will come later if you have extra budget for that. Always remind yourself to live simple and humble.
  5. Finally, set aside a portion of your salary for investments. You can invest in any opportunity which could give your money an interest or in other words that which could make your money grow.


I hope these tips will guide you in your budgeting and preparing for your future particularly, financial freedom.

Thank you and have a nice day!

To your rich future,

Lebert “FuturichOmac


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