“My Journey In Becoming An Author!”

lebertMy name is Lebert Omac and I am from Bohol, Philippines. I was born and raised in a simple family. Like most child, I was privileged to go to school from elementary to tertiary.

When I finished college way back 2011, I immediately took the Foresters Board Examination and was blessed to pass with flying colors as being the 1st Placer and became a Registered Forester that same year.

Being the 1st Placer, I had the privilege to receive job offers in which I ended up working in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the government.

I stayed there for almost three (3) years before transferring to the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) and worked there for almost one (1) year before deciding to go abroad. And now I am working as Senior Sales Associate in one leading retail company here in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Initially, my plan was to stay in DENR to fulfil my dream of working as a permanent employee in the government. Until one day in the year 2012, I came to know Bro. Bo Sanchez, founder of Light of Jesus Family (LOJF) and a renowned Catholic preacher in the Philippines and in some parts of the world. I subscribed to his newsletter, attended The Feast, the weekly gathering of LOJF and finally met him in person. Since then my life has changed.

I began to challenge myself; I changed my mindset and the way I looked at things. I started to dream big dreams and wrote them down and prayed for them every day. I held more on to God and put my hope in Him. I began to read motivational books, I attended talks and teachings.

Finally I was able to serve God again through Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, a Catholic charismatic movement of single working professionals with the mission of Christifying the Workplaces which I was also a member.

Realizing that the chance of becoming a permanent employee was very slim, on April 2014 I left DENR and and continued my career in EDC. I got good salary there and undertook bigger roles compared to my job before. Despite the good salary I’m receiving, still I didn’t find myself staying there any longer.

In December of that same year I got the courage to resign from my job and tried my fate overseas. My present work is 360 degrees different from my chosen profession and the works I had before. At first I am confused if am I really sure with my decisions and the way I handled things.

Until now still the answers are unclear yet one thing is for sure – that my life in this world has purpose.

Most likely your situation leads you to your purpose…

Since the time I started working, my responsibility for my family was very clear. If you remember I came from a simple family and as per the usual culture in the province, the one who finished first in school should help his siblings finish as well.

And since I am their older brother I became the breadwinner in our family especially when our eldest sister got married last 2014. I committed to my parents that I will help my younger brother and sisters in their studies. Of course I supported them financially and in other aspects of their life particularly, spiritual.

They were one of those reasons why I had to find a good paying job and tried other things to earn extra income. While working, serving God and reading Bo’s newsletters I had an urge to try something new, which is business.

I became part of some networking companies selling different types of products from wellness to food supplements to travel and even selling “danggit”, the famous crispy dried fish of the Philippines.

At some point I earned extra from these ventures but I wasn’t able to sustain them because of my busy schedules. In other words I moved myself out from them and decided to go abroad especially because my siblings were growing up and all three of them were already in college.

What moved me to write?

Life in abroad is totally different while I was in the Philippines. I faced different struggles starting from financial, emotional and cultural challenges. But being strengthened by my dreams, my responsibilities, my family and the people who supported me, and my faith in God I was able to overcome them all. And my personal prayer time is still consistent despite the situations I faced.

One day I recalled that last 2013 during my prayer times I wrote down my daily reflections and save them in my computer. And I got an idea to share them to the world through blogging which was my plan since September 2014 but was not realized because of my situation then.

Taking advantage of my day off, I finally opened my wordpress account last June 2015 and started blogging. At first I am so hesitant and afraid because I am not even a technical and public person. But nothing can stop the urge deep inside my heart to pursue my long-delayed plan.

I want to share to you my life experiences and the lessons I learned out from them. I want to remind you that there is still hope, that you should continue to dream and believe in yourself because you have a big God ready to back and lift you up.

In short I want to become a motivator and preacher hence I continue writing.

Indeed there is no limit in dreaming..

Bringing blogging to the next level, I challenged myself and decided to write my first ebook entitled How To Simplify and Save Money.

I am so inspired in writing this and I am so excited to share this to you. I don’t have any other reason behind this but to help and for sure this ebook will be helpful to you. Whether you are or are not struggling with your lifestyle and finances now, you will definitely learn and get something out from this ebook.

Please include me in your prayers and rest assured that I will be praying for you as well.

Thank you and God bless!

To your rich future,

Lebert Omac

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