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How To Stay POGI While Finding The Right One

How To Stay POGI While Finding The Right One Almost 2 years ago I read about bestselling author Ardy Roberto’s book entitled “Real Men Are POGI” in which the contents really surprised me. I am surprised because before I read the book all I thought was that the term “POGI” only means literally but when I read through the pages I discovered that this means ... Read more

The Sacrifices Of A Loving Mother And What You Should Do

Yes it is true that when you love someone, you have to sacrifice. You have to invest time just to be with the one you love. You have to make sure that he is safe. You have to sacrifice your own pleasure for his comfort. You have to think of his welfare first before your own. You have to show how much you love ... Read more

What You Should Do When You Feel Unimportant

For sure you will agree with me when I say that at one point in your life you feel unimportant. Unimportant in the sense that every time you’re in a group you can’t find yourself being part of them. That every time you say something their reaction is just ‘okay’ sometimes deadma. When you experience situation like this, tell me the truth, how does it feel? You might ... Read more

3 Tips On How To Get Out From Debt While Supporting Your Family

Why People Borrow Money? In order to provide for our family’s needs we need to have steady income source. Some may get this from their salary while others are from business and other sidelines. However there are times that even if you have regular income, still it’s not enough especially if there are emergencies. That’s why the option of borrowing money comes in. Different Ways of Borrowing Money The world ... Read more


Today is an ordinary day. When you go outside, you can see ordinary things. You can see ordinary people. The weather is ordinary. Nothing’s special today as you notice. But did you ever ask yourself why there is a term “extraordinary”? Did you ever wonder how come there are people considered as such; people with extraordinary talents, skills and wealth? Let me remind you first about this truth; “In the ... Read more

How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam

How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam I’m writing this blog with an intention to inspire you and to help you realize the value of every little thing you have. I will be sharing you my own experience that will make you think how blessed you are now. Are you ready to be inspired? I can feel your excitement. And thank you for that. I ... Read more

The Confessions of a Breadwinner

According to, a breadwinner is the one whose earnings are the primary source of support for his dependents. Therefore there’s more pressure on his shoulder than the rest of the family members. He has bigger responsibility hence he should have the courage and determination to live not for his own but for the benefit of those who depend on him. Since when my elder ... Read more

The Power of Surrender

  One of the major decisions I made in life was when I decided to resign from my work in the Philippines way back December 2014. That means I had to live with the resources I had that time. It was really a struggle for me. I had full of doubts and uncertainties especially when I thought of my three siblings who were in college. ... Read more
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