Why Are You Working Now?

If you are working now, this article is written for you. Let me just ask you this question; Why are you working now? Surely, you have a lot of reasons to share. Below might include some of them; Because you need to provide for your family Because you need to support your siblings in their studies Because you want to have enough money for retirement Because you ... Read more

Betrayed and Restored: From Almost Ending His Life to Living the Life Fully With God

What is the most painful experience you have in life? How did you handle it? What happens after? To give you an idea, read this inspiring story; Hi I’m Joanner, I’m the 3rd from the youngest of our family. My mother is a plain housewife while my father is a tailor at the same time a farmer. Originally, I dreamed of becoming a priest simply because I wanted ... Read more

What Kish Island in Iran Taught Me About Life: A Moving Story of an OFW Who Stayed In Kish for Almost 3 Months

Who would you call out for help when you’re trapped in a foreign land? What should be the things you need to do to survive and hope for a better day? Would you trust God? Find out on this so touching story of Mr. Aveve Luzon, RN Personal Background I am Aveve Luzon, a registered nurse from Zamboanga City, Philippines. I am currently engaged with a beautiful ... Read more

The Perfect Plan Is God’s Plan: A Story of a Patient and Faithful OFW

What would you do when things don’t happen as you plan them to be? What would be your reaction if you’re serving God yet He seems like ignoring your petitions? Will you continue to serve and love Him or you will hate Him? Will you still believe and trust? Simple questions yet difficult to answer, right? Don’t worry you can find the answers in Ronald’s ... Read more

Don’t Get Tired of Waiting, Don’t Give Up: A Vocation Story (Priesthood)

Most of the times we keep ourselves busy with our career. We want to be on top as soon as possible. There’s nothing wrong about being serious on achieving your dreams. But is this the only thing that matters in life?  I believe each of us is called to a certain vocation. And there are a lot of vocation descriptions. However, for the sake of ... Read more

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone: From Missed Opportunities To Fulfilling Realities

How committed you are to achieving your dreams in life? Would you still listen to your heart in the midst of the noises of the world and in front of the mess of your life? Would you still believe that one day all things will fall in their proper places? If so, I’d like to share with you this inspiring story of Bro. Makoi Calipusan Dalagan, ... Read more

3 Tips On How To Effectively Manage Your Time

  3 Tips On How To Effectively Manage Your Time Time is gold as they say.   You cannot take it back when it passed your way. That’s why it’s very important to manage it accordingly. We all have 24 hours a day yet why is it that there are those who make the most out of it and there are those having no significant results at all?   The ... Read more

Practice Won’t Make You Perfect

Practice Won't Make You Perfect I grew up hearing the most famous quote, “practice makes you perfect”. On the other hand, I also hear about “no one is perfect”. I am confused with which of the two should I believe. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time even if you spend most of your time practicing your craft and skills. We all know Michael Jordan, the ... Read more

Stand Up And Do It Again

Stand Up And Do It Again Let me tell you a story. In my high school years, I had a classmate named Felix. His father bought a new bicycle for him. I was so delighted to see Felix going to school with his new bike. In my mind, I’m wishing that hopefully, I had mine too. Fortunately, he was so generous to let me use it ... Read more

The Prodigal Son: True Life Story

The Prodigal Son: True Life Story I met Erwin last April 2012 when I was still working in Cebu. When I first saw him I admit that I immediately judged him based on his looks. Erwin looks like a typical gangster and the way he looked made me shake in fear. Yet I was wrong. When I and Erwin became friends I discovered his true personality. He ... Read more
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