No Rain Can Stop Us From Loving Each Other

It’s more than a month now since I published my last blog for some reasons. And now I’m hopefully back on track. When I woke up this morning, I still have no idea what to blog about. Until we had a short Skype time with my family in the Philippines. Finally, an idea popped up my mind and I’m so inspired to share it with ... Read more

If God Saved Me Once More, He Will Save You Too

I’m very excited for my first vacation as an OFW. My tickets were ready. I’m so excited and prepared to be home again. It’s like I imagined I’m already in the Philippines. But I have one problem. My visa will expire before my flight home. It bothered me honestly. Yet I have a strong belief that God will take care of it. Almost every day, I ... Read more

Priceless Vacation After 2 Years

I left the Philippines last January 15, 2015 for an unsure journey abroad. It was my first time to leave the country. I’m so scared of the possible things that would happen to me. I traveled alone by the way which made me more scared. But I had faith that things will just run smoothly. And indeed, they were. To cut the long story short, ... Read more

Trusting The Lord In Good And Bad Times

How strong is your faith in the Lord? When you’re faced with difficulties, would you still trust Him? Or you’ll just trust him in good times? This story is to remind you to trust the Lord always, in good and bad times. Read on and be ready to be blessed. Personal and Career Backgrounds I am Dexter Manawatao, eldest of 4 siblings. My father is an elementary ... Read more

While There Is Life, There Is Hope: From Abandoned Son To Board Placer To Permanent Government Employee

  How would you manage growing up without a father? What would you feel seeing your mother fighting life every day? Would you help her or would you hate him? I can proudly declare that this story will be worth your time. You know why? Because I’m one of those inspired by Federick’s life story.  So what are you waiting for? Read until the last word.  Personal Background In ... Read more

From Being Nursed To Nursing Student To Registered Nurse To Nursing Mother: The Story of Ms. Lucille Ebue, RN

  Would you still stand up strong after being knockdown by series of life challenges? When I say challenges I really don’t mean them as normal daily struggles. Today I’d like to share to you a heart-wrenching and soul-touching story of a simple woman who wished to have the kind of life like most of us have but ended having the kind of life she never ... Read more

You Should Love Your Parents

You Should Love Your Parents   Do you love your parents? I suppose you do.   We grow up with them and their teachings. We feel their love and support whatever things we are doing except those that can ruin our life. Yes, our parents love us so much despite the many times we hurt and ignore them. Despite the many times, we make decisions without even consulting them. ... Read more
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