If God Saved Me Once More, He Will Save You Too

I’m very excited for my first vacation as an OFW. My tickets were ready. I’m so excited and prepared to be home again. It’s like I imagined I’m already in the Philippines.

But I have one problem.

My visa will expire before my flight home. It bothered me honestly. Yet I have a strong belief that God will take care of it. Almost every day, I called the office to ask about the status of my visa and the good thing was they assured me it will be processed before my flight.

I trusted them but still, I had doubt and fear. I continued to pray about it and lifted it up to God. Indeed, he saved me once more.

Because my visa was released 2 days before my flight. I couldn’t describe the feeling I felt the time when I got my passport with the visa stamped on it. The day after, I then proceeded to the Phillippines Embassy to get my Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) and again it was processed the same day.

I am ready to go home. Yet, I still had one problem. My salary was not yet released and our HR informed me I’ll be receiving it the moment I’m inside the plane. It didn’t bother me too much since I saved a little money enough for 2 to 3 weeks of stay in the Philippines. But it would be a great help when I receive it.

The moment we landed to NAIA Terminal 1, I received a text message that my salary was deposited in my bank account.

Finally, I found myself complete with all the documents needed for vacation, I had the money and we had smooth and hassle-free flight. I had with me my girlfriend and her mother for the whole flight.

The vacation started and the happiness was beyond words.

After all my struggles from the time I left the country last January 2015 up to the moment I landed back in the airport, God never failed me. He is always on time and the experiences I experienced before my flight simply proved that God saved me once more.

Maybe in your day to day life, you have experienced a lot of struggles and uncertainties. Maybe you have experienced the same with mine or maybe yours are bigger or smaller than mine. Please don’t give up. Continue to pray and ask the Lord about it and for sure He will never fail you and at the end of the day, He will save you once more.

If He saved me once more, for sure He will save you too.

I’d like to end with this verse;

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight. “ – Proverbs 3:5-6

May God bless you and prosper the works of your hands!

Priceless Vacation After 2 Years

I left the Philippines last January 15, 2015 for an unsure journey abroad. It was my first time to leave the country. I’m so scared of the possible things that would happen to me. I traveled alone by the way which made me more scared.

But I had faith that things will just run smoothly. And indeed, they were. To cut the long story short, I flew from Philippines to Hongkong and from there I flew to Dubai, UAE. I was on a visit visa then. My girlfriend and her relatives picked me up the day after I left the country.

I’m so excited at the same time afraid, but I had to move on and continued applying for any possible job. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a job for my first month of stay. I got another one month visa and finally, the day before my visa expired, I got a job offer which I’m working at, up to now.

And just last April 20, I finally arrived home for my first vacation after more than 2 years. I’m just so thankful to God that everything ran smoothly. I just couldn’t describe the feeling I felt the moment I saw my whole family smiling at me and eagerly waiting for my warm embrace.

Finally, I’m back home again. I spent most of my time with my family because this was what I realized abroad: I’m away for maybe more than 800 days and most of that time, I spent at work and friends and I just had 30-days’ vacation, then how could I manage to spend a day with other non-sense things. Admittedly, I wasn’t able to visit and meet most of my friends because before I went home, I already made a decision to spend my vacation for and with my family only.

The moments were precious and priceless especially that we’re growing as a family at the same time my parents are getting old.

It’s really nice to be home with the one you truly loved and cherished. Added to that was the presence of my girlfriend who visited Bohol for the first time.

Below is a shot taken at Loboc River Floating Restaurant during my vacation. I’m back abroad by the way and looking forward going home again by March next year.

To end, let me ask you this question: To whom are you going home? When and why?

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share.

God bless you and your family!

How Do You Spend Your Day Off?


How does it feel to work straight for a week?

And how does it feel to work straight for a month without any single day to rest?

For sure, it would be tiring, right? Your body might possibly break down. That’s why we need some day offs.

If you’re working, you can relate to this article.

Since I started working way back September 2011 up until now, day offs were already part of my professional life. When I was still working in the Philippines, I used to have 2 days off.

Then, what did I do with those days?

At first, I just spent almost all of the time at home, sleeping and watching movies and texting my friends. Sometimes, I washed my uniforms and clothes. In other words, it was all about “me” time.

Things started to change when I became a member of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, a Catholic charismatic movement of single professionals with the mission of “Christifying our Workplaces”.

Instead of spending my day off at home, I started to go out with my brothers and sisters. We had fellowship activities and some outreach programs. I spent time with my family in Bohol by calling them. In other words, I’ve got new things to do to get busy.

When I went abroad and got a job, I only had 1 day off since I’m working in sales. I found it hard to adjust during the first few months. I missed the things I’m doing when I was still in the Philippines. Since I couldn’t any more do the things I used to do, I challenged myself to find some activities just to keep me busy on my day off.

Hence, I started blogging and for more than a year, this consumes most of my day offs. Aside from getting busy, I also enhance my thinking and writing skills. I also spend time reading motivational and self-help books which I believe have a positive impact in my life. I also continue to spend time with my family via skype and most the time my focus now is on the things I can benefit most and will find myself productive today and in the future.

I know we have different priorities in life. I know we have the same 24 hours a day. But I also believe that we can be more productive with our day if we always remind ourselves to do good things in a positive way.

You can do a lot of things during your day off aside from wasting most of your time scrolling your Facebook Newsfeed and gossiping with your friends. Invest time on things you can benefit with in the future. Don’t settle yet with your current situation. Dream and commit with your dreams.

Finally, don’t forget to have enough time to rest and sleep. Above all, don’t forget to have a personal time with the Lord in prayer or in Scripture.

I have no idea about the things you’re doing in your day offs now. And my point here is not to brag about the things I’ve been busy with but I’m just here to remind you that every minute of your life counts. “Time is gold” as they say. Therefore, always encourage yourself to find the golden opportunity in every situation in your life.

Yes, I agree that the more day offs you have, chances are you’ll be more productive too. But if you’re not doing anything with those days, chances are the ones having only one day off doing the important things in life, most likely, will be more successful than you in the future.

Think. Reflect. God bless your day off.

To your rich future,


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