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If God Saved Me Once More, He Will Save You Too

I’m very excited for my first vacation as an OFW. My tickets were ready. I’m so excited and prepared to be home again. It’s like I imagined I’m already in the Philippines. But I have one problem. My visa will expire before my flight home. It bothered me honestly. Yet I have a strong belief that God will take care of it. Almost every day, I ... Read more

Priceless Vacation After 2 Years

I left the Philippines last January 15, 2015 for an unsure journey abroad. It was my first time to leave the country. I’m so scared of the possible things that would happen to me. I traveled alone by the way which made me more scared. But I had faith that things will just run smoothly. And indeed, they were. To cut the long story short, ... Read more

How Do You Spend Your Day Off?

How does it feel to work straight for a week? And how does it feel to work straight for a month without any single day to rest? For sure, it would be tiring, right? Your body might possibly break down. That’s why we need some day offs. If you’re working, you can relate to this article. Since I started working way back September 2011 up until now, day ... Read more

The Secrets of a Long-lasting Relationship While Chasing Your Dream Career: The Story of Maribel G. Villalon, RN

Are you career-driven or are you relationship-driven? Do you focus more on your career or do you focus more on your relationship? You don’t need to choose because you can be successful at both of them. All you have to do is find balance. Discover how you can do so by reading Maribel’s story. Personal and Family Backgrounds I am Maribel G. Villalon, 26 years old, and ... Read more

What Kish Island in Iran Taught Me About Life: A Moving Story of an OFW Who Stayed In Kish for Almost 3 Months

Who would you call out for help when you’re trapped in a foreign land? What should be the things you need to do to survive and hope for a better day? Would you trust God? Find out on this so touching story of Mr. Aveve Luzon, RN Personal Background I am Aveve Luzon, a registered nurse from Zamboanga City, Philippines. I am currently engaged with a beautiful ... Read more

The Perfect Plan Is God’s Plan: A Story of a Patient and Faithful OFW

What would you do when things don’t happen as you plan them to be? What would be your reaction if you’re serving God yet He seems like ignoring your petitions? Will you continue to serve and love Him or you will hate Him? Will you still believe and trust? Simple questions yet difficult to answer, right? Don’t worry you can find the answers in Ronald’s ... Read more

How To Stay POGI While Finding The Right One

How To Stay POGI While Finding The Right One Almost 2 years ago I read about bestselling author Ardy Roberto’s book entitled “Real Men Are POGI” in which the contents really surprised me. I am surprised because before I read the book all I thought was that the term “POGI” only means literally but when I read through the pages I discovered that this means ... Read more

3 Tips On How To Get Out From Debt While Supporting Your Family

Why People Borrow Money? In order to provide for our family’s needs we need to have steady income source. Some may get this from their salary while others are from business and other sidelines. However there are times that even if you have regular income, still it’s not enough especially if there are emergencies. That’s why the option of borrowing money comes in. Different Ways of Borrowing Money The world ... Read more

What I Realize When People Are Asking For Directions

When I was tapped by my manager to act as in-charge to our recently opened branch in Abu Dhabi, I was flattered at the same time a bit worried of the new responsibilities I have to handle plus the pressure of the monthly sales target. We aren’t only working as Sales Associate Given that our location is almost at the center of the western section of ... Read more

The Confessions of a Breadwinner

According to, a breadwinner is the one whose earnings are the primary source of support for his dependents. Therefore there’s more pressure on his shoulder than the rest of the family members. He has bigger responsibility hence he should have the courage and determination to live not for his own but for the benefit of those who depend on him. Since when my elder ... Read more
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