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Happy Birthday To My Teacher Sister

Happy 23rd birthday sis! “No life’s worth more than any other, no sister worth less than any brother.” – Michael Franti Yes indeed. You are as worthy as any other even our own family members. We are born equal, no more no less. Sis Leah, I and we as a family would just want you to know that we are so blessed having you. Our family ... Read more

Privileged To Share God’s Faithfulness

How do you rate God’s faithfulness in your life? Even if you are unfaithful at times, still, He stays as faithful as before. Isn’t it enough reason to be also faithful to the people you love and most especially to Him? You and I have different stories to tell when it comes to being faithful to God. We agree that inasmuch as we want to ... Read more

This Is What The Maalaala Mo Kaya Episode Last Saturday Taught Me

While going home from work last Saturday, every time I refreshed my Facebook wall, I always see my friends’ posts about the Maalaala Mo Kaya Episode and all of them expressed the same feeling and opinion. And I got curious. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch it when I arrived home. For a while, I forgot about it. But yesterday, again, I chanced upon another post ... Read more

Top 3 Reasons Why People Are Afraid To Start A Business

I remember when I was first invited to join a networking business, I couldn’t describe my feelings. It was really a mixed one. I felt excited, afraid and worst I felt my friend was just using me for him to earn from me. I know it’s not a good but that’s the truth. After that, I received more invitations until one day, I decided to join ... Read more

Setting Goals Isn’t Enough, You Need This Too

You know it’s always good to start a year with all the positive vibes and thoughts. For sure, at the start of a year, you always heard of your friends’ new year’s resolutions and maybe you’re doing that too. They’re not bad. They will help you instead. But why is it that most of them are still wishful thinking at the end of the year? Before I’ll proceed ... Read more

How To End 2016 And Start 2017 With A BANG!

Yes, few more days to go and we’ll leave the year 2016 and embrace the incoming year 2017. Are you excited about this or are you worried? I’ll leave the answers with you. While you’re pondering about your answers, let me share something. Years ago and even just a year ago, ending a year and starting the next year are just ordinary days for me. I didn’t ... Read more

I Waited for 3 Years But You Don’t Need To

Exactly 3 years ago. I came across an opportunity that delighted my whole life. In other words, I got another picture of my life in the future. What is it? Continue reading. Quick background. I have a lot of dreams and goals in life. I dream of having my own family. I dream of going for a vacation with my parents and siblings. I dream of managing my own business. I dream ... Read more

How Do You Spend Your Day Off?

How does it feel to work straight for a week? And how does it feel to work straight for a month without any single day to rest? For sure, it would be tiring, right? Your body might possibly break down. That’s why we need some day offs. If you’re working, you can relate to this article. Since I started working way back September 2011 up until now, day ... Read more

I’ll Tell You The Moments I Miss And Tell Me Yours

While striving for success and for a better future, we could not deny the fact that we are also missing some important moments of the past. To start and to make it clear to you, here are the things I’m missing now so much; I miss the delicious and healthy food cooked by my mother. I miss sleeping early in the night and waking up early the ... Read more

Trusting The Lord In Good And Bad Times

How strong is your faith in the Lord? When you’re faced with difficulties, would you still trust Him? Or you’ll just trust him in good times? This story is to remind you to trust the Lord always, in good and bad times. Read on and be ready to be blessed. Personal and Career Backgrounds I am Dexter Manawatao, eldest of 4 siblings. My father is an elementary ... Read more
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