Find Your Middle Ground

Disagreements are common in all relationships. In fact, it is an essential part of a healthy relationship.

This is so because humans have different points of view about things. Even if you love each other too much, there will be times you argue about some things to the point of hurting each other’s feeling.

The best way to end an argument is one should stop speaking and just be silent. If both of you are shouting, the argument will become a severe blow to your relationship. Remember you can’t take back any harsh word you say to your partner. So be careful and better keep silent.

Every time my fiancé and I argue about things and end up being disappointed, we simply find our middle ground.

What is it?

It is simply your common reason why you’re in a relationship in the first place. Every time, you hurt each other, you simply go back to this.

For us, our middle ground is that we are in a relationship because we love each other and we commit to living as husband and wife in the future. In other words, we think long-term.

Because we both know our middle ground, forgiveness, and understanding are easier. So you also have to discuss with your partner your middle ground. Both of you should be aware of it. Not just you or her.

Support Each Other


Having a strong support is essential for a successful and life-giving relationship. You should support each other.

But not at all times and in all things.

Still, you have to determine the things you are supporting and not. If your boyfriend really likes to play basketball, support him and much better if you can go with him personally.

And for guys, if your girlfriend likes to sing, support her and be her number one fan. Whatever passion or hobby your partner have, be their number one supporter and motivator. Don’t be insecure with yourself.

You both enjoy the moments.

But when it comes to doing things you think won’t do any good to your partner and to your relationship, be the first to remind your partner and help him or her understand your point of making such reminders.

If you can be successful with understanding each other, you are one step ahead of other couples out there.

In my case, I support my fiancé in her service to the Lord as well as her favorite food and places to go. At the same time, she supports me with my simple life and passion for writing.

But when I see anything wrong with what she’s doing, I am the first one to remind and correct her and vice versa.

However, it’s not always like that. From time to time, we experience misunderstandings and disappointments but we won’t allow a day pass without us being reconciled.

Attention: Guys, Do The Background Check


Guys, don’t be impulsive in the way you make decisions.

It is the tendency of every guy to think in advance once we see a beautiful and hot lady. There are lots of things playing in our mind.

But before you proceed to your plan of having a specific lady as your girlfriend, you have to do your homework first. You have to check her background and whatever important details about her.

By so doing, you are minimizing the risks involved in courting her.

It is so important to know her family background, her previous relationships, her circle of friends and other things.

You can check her Facebook profile or better yet, ask your mutual friends if you have any. Once you know enough details about her, you can now proceed with your next step which is to pursue her move to your next target.

See, by just simply investing time to check her background, you are giving favor to yourself and have a quality decision.

I remember before I courted my fiancé, I first her background and more details about her.

Once, I believe the data I gathered is enough for me to make my decision, I simply push through it and the rest is history.

This is how important background checking is.