Happy Birthday To My Teacher Sister

Happy 23rd birthday sis! “No life’s worth more than any other, no sister worth less than any brother.” – Michael Franti Yes indeed. You are as worthy as any other even our own family members. We are born equal, no more no less. Sis Leah, I and we as a family would just want you to know that we are so blessed having you. Our family ... Read more

How To Start A Conversation: 3 Practical Tips

  We live in a world of people. Every day we meet and talk with others. We talk to our boss, officemates, family members, relatives, and friends. Sometimes we even talk to strangers we meet outside or to people that we just meet for the first time. And this will be the purpose of this blog. We’ll discuss the 3 practical tips in order to start ... Read more

The Secrets of a Long-lasting Relationship While Chasing Your Dream Career: The Story of Maribel G. Villalon, RN

Are you career-driven or are you relationship-driven? Do you focus more on your career or do you focus more on your relationship? You don’t need to choose because you can be successful at both of them. All you have to do is find balance. Discover how you can do so by reading Maribel’s story. Personal and Family Backgrounds I am Maribel G. Villalon, 26 years old, and ... Read more

You Should Love Your Parents

You Should Love Your Parents   Do you love your parents? I suppose you do.   We grow up with them and their teachings. We feel their love and support whatever things we are doing except those that can ruin our life. Yes, our parents love us so much despite the many times we hurt and ignore them. Despite the many times, we make decisions without even consulting them. ... Read more

How To Handle Misunderstandings With The One You Love

How To Handle Misunderstandings With The One You Love We enter into a relationship with one goal in mind. That is to be with the one we love until the end of time. In order to ensure our goal is achieved, we find ways to make our relationship works. Unfortunately as much as we want to keep it working, along the way we meet setbacks ... Read more
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