Warning: When You Choose To Love, You’re In Danger

You might be wondering what this article really means or you might think I’m just out of my mind when I’m writing this.

But sorry that’s absolutely right. Let me explain.

When you choose to love, yes you are in danger. The danger of what? The danger of evil. The more you come to Jesus, the more the evil will hold you back. The more he will do everything just to keep you from following Jesus.

If you are weak, the evil triumphs. If you are weak in spirit, the evil hosts a party. There’s no need for him to guard you through because he knows that you won’t stay away from him.

But how about if you are strong? If you are strong in spirit?

The evil weakens and as he weakens, all the more he’ll exert more time and effort to guard you and to keep you from leaving him. That’s why when you choose to love or when you choose to follow Jesus, you’re in danger of evil but you’re in a safe place with Jesus.

Do you experience like these at times?

I would presume you do because it happens to all of us. I, myself, am not exempted. It’s horrifying to know right that every day the evil won’t stop chasing us and creating things just to keep us from loving our Lord and our neighbors.

We should admit this truth. All we can do is to fight evil by continuing to love and follow our Lord, Jesus Christ. Evil should have no place in our hearts and in our life in general. So in order to fight evil, we should fill our hearts and our lives with love, the kind of love that Jesus has for us.

If we do this every day, the evil won’t like us anymore and he will surrender because he knows that the force of good will always overpower him in the long run. He might win us at times but he will lose as we journey with Jesus towards heaven.

So now make a decision to love every moment of your life. Choose to love and be safe in and with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I Believe Prayers Work Every Time


I can still remember years ago when I didn’t want to go to church even if it’s my birthday. I didn’t have time to pray and I still had a small idea why I had to pray.

As years passed by, I began to realize the power of prayer and eventually I developed it as part of my life especially when I joined Catholic charismatic communities where I met prayerful brothers and sisters.

I now have my prayer time. If you’re confused what this means, it’s simply a private time I spend with the Lord. Usually, I do this in the morning minutes after I wake up. It guides my day and it motivates me to move forward with this life.

During this private time with the Lord, I confess to him all my worries, fears, sins and all my petitions as well as anything I want to share with Him. Sometimes, I’m out of focus but as much as possible I’m trying to make this time as “quality time” with the Lord.

Why I believe that prayers really work every time?

Simply because I have experienced it countless times and for sure will continue to experience them in the future. Sometimes, God answered our prayers in ways we least expect. Remember that God is all-knowing and our wisdom is very small compared to Him.

These are some of my prayers that God answered in His time and will;

 He gave me a job here in UAE
 He helped me start my own website for my blogs and earn extra income online
 He allowed me to support my brother and sisters in their studies
 He gave me a chance to serve him in different Catholic charismatic communities
 He never allowed me to be transferred back to Dubai
 He let me met like-minded people
 He blessed me with a loving and supportive family
 He blessed me with a supportive and loving girlfriend
 He blessed with quality and good friends
 He always keep me and my love ones safe and secured
 He helped me work on my own dreams and for others
 Above all, He gave me this kind of life I’m enjoying now
 The list goes on

These are only few of all the blessings and answered prayers the Lord has given to me. If I’ll write them all, maybe they won’t fit here. That’s how gracious the Lord is.

Again, if you’re praying for something for a long time, don’t stop praying. Just continue praying and worshiping Him because at the end of the day, our Lord always answers our prayer. All you have to do is to constantly pray and serve Him in any way you can.

Believe and claim even now that all your prayers and petitions will be answered. Finally, also believe that prayers work every time.

God loves you!

Praying for you,


Watch Video: How To Keep Your Mind From Wandering in Prayer


I have a confession for you today.

As much as I want to stay focus in praying, sometimes I can’t stop my mind from wandering.

There were times I got so disappointed that instead of praying, I’m totally disturbed and decided to short cut my prayer. I know it shouldn’t be like that. It hurts me and I know it hurts God too.

If ever you’ve been experiencing the same at times, I’d like you to watch this video and learn from it;

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Praying for you,


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