Stock Market Investment

7 Must-Haves Before Investing In The Stock Market

Are you planning to start investing in the Stock Market? If so, you need to know first the things you need to consider before diving in or in other words you need to prepare these 7 things first. Well, you can also start investing while preparing these things but it shouldn't always be the case. In order to help and save you from possible losses in ... Read more

Meet The 15-Year Old Investor

Did you ever hear of a young investor who is investing in the Stock Market? If you didn't, I want to share this young man to you. I have only one purpose of sharing this: to make you realize that your best weapon to be successful in stock market investment is your AGE. I repeat it's your AGE. The younger you are, the more time you have to invest and ... Read more

This Is My Birthday Prayer: To Help 100 People Become Millionaire Through The Stock Market

Yes, today is my 26th birthday. Growing up I always heard of this, “What is your WISH in your birthday?” Before I’m also a fan of it but when years passed by, I began to change my mindset. Instead of asking about “wish”, I prefer to ask, “What is your PRAYER in your birthday?" I believe prayer speaks more than a mere wish because prayer includes God. So ... Read more
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