Privileged To Share God’s Faithfulness

How do you rate God’s faithfulness in your life? Even if you are unfaithful at times, still, He stays as faithful as before. Isn’t it enough reason to be also faithful to the people you love and most especially to Him?

You and I have different stories to tell when it comes to being faithful to God. We agree that inasmuch as we want to be faithful at all times, we still give in to our weaknesses. Despite so, we all have enough time to continue working on our relationship with Him and doing the works He wants us to do.

And one thing we can do right now is to share our experiences with God’s faithfulness in our life. Do you have anything to share? I doubt if you don’t have at least one. By simply sharing your experiences to your friends may it be verbal, in social media, in a forum or by any means of communication, you are already proclaiming God’s faithfulness and this will serve as hope and inspiration to all who will hear your stories.

I have my own take on this when just a few hours ago I was privileged to share my experiences about God’s faithfulness in the area of my finances in front of my brothers and sisters of Singles for Christ (SFC) during our Prayer Assembly (PA).

When I was tapped by a brother to share during our PA, I gave him at least one day to confirm my final decision since there was a conflict on my work schedule but deep inside I already made a decision to say yes to the chance. I asked my colleagues and told them my concern and without any hesitation, they granted my request. Praise God!

When I stood in front of my brothers and sisters a few hours ago, I really felt so blessed to share my experiences about my financial struggles and how I started giving back a portion of my income every month through tithing. And how God has blessed me so much thereafter up until now, though there were times that I’m unfaithful to Him.

I know that not of all those who heard my stories could relate but I believe that I was able to proclaim God’s faithfulness in a simple way as possible and that would serve as hope and inspiration for those who could relate.

You know what, you can share Jesus with others by all means as long as you have the conviction and courage to do so. After all, your main reason for sharing is not to glorify yourself but to glorify Jesus Christ.

Don’t just keep your stories to yourself, share it and make it your daily habit. If you do that consistently, sooner you will be considered as others’ source of inspiration to be faithful to themselves, to their family, to other people around and above all to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Care to share and share to care.

Be always faithful!

Praying for you,

Brother Lebert

No Rain Can Stop Us From Loving Each Other

It’s more than a month now since I published my last blog for some reasons. And now I’m hopefully back on track.

When I woke up this morning, I still have no idea what to blog about. Until we had a short Skype time with my family in the Philippines. Finally, an idea popped up my mind and I’m so inspired to share it with you.

And here it is.

Supposedly, our Skype should start by 3 pm Philippines time but it was delayed for 2 hours. So we started at 5 pm rather. I’m getting impatient for waiting but I chose to let go of such feeling especially when I knew the cause of their delay.

Just to give you a quick background about our place. We live in a place where mobile and internet connections are out of reach. That’s how hard for us to contact each other on a daily basis so in order to talk and see each other; we have to schedule it ahead of time.

Going back to my story.

Did I already mention the cause of their delay? Not yet, right? I’ll answer it now and they’re delayed due to heavy rain. They needed to look for a temporary shelter to keep themselves safe from getting wet. And praise God, they’re safe and avoided getting wet.

I thought our Skype talk won’t push through since there was no indication that the rain will stop shortly. Yet, God is so great that He allowed the rain to stop for a while and they were able to reach my aunt’s house safely.

Still, there was another challenge for us to finally start our conversation but it was fixed, fortunately. After which, we finally started with our conversation. We’re so happy that finally, we’re able to see each other again after 2 weeks. The original plan was to talk with them one by one with a specified amount of time but it wasn’t realized.

Maybe today wasn’t meant to be because for after 30 minutes of the call, their connection was interrupted and also it was getting dark already. We had no choice but to set our next Skype this coming Sunday and reserve some of our topics. It was difficult but it’s still worth it.

While we exchanged goodbyes through messenger, I learned two (2) important things;

  1. That no amount of rain can stop us from loving each other considering the risks that they have to go through. By facing all the risks still, they managed to make it today. They really love me. What more can I ask for? I am so blessed having my family.
  2. That God is so great to allow these things to happen. Because of what happened, we’re able to prove that no amount of material things in this world can satisfy the longing of our hearts to love and to be loved. Seeing and being with my family virtually is more than enough.


Now, I’m not sharing this to brag about myself and my family. I’m sharing this to remind you that you should value your family over the things you are busy doing now. And like any material things you value, you should have enough time to see and talk with them or at least check their conditions once in a while. Remember that if you want something or if you love someone, you should spend time for it or with them.

The same is true with our relationship with God. You need to invest time to express your love to Him and only then you will realize how blessed you are and how fulfilling life will be.

Love and be blessed always!



If God Saved Me Once More, He Will Save You Too

I’m very excited for my first vacation as an OFW. My tickets were ready. I’m so excited and prepared to be home again. It’s like I imagined I’m already in the Philippines.

But I have one problem.

My visa will expire before my flight home. It bothered me honestly. Yet I have a strong belief that God will take care of it. Almost every day, I called the office to ask about the status of my visa and the good thing was they assured me it will be processed before my flight.

I trusted them but still, I had doubt and fear. I continued to pray about it and lifted it up to God. Indeed, he saved me once more.

Because my visa was released 2 days before my flight. I couldn’t describe the feeling I felt the time when I got my passport with the visa stamped on it. The day after, I then proceeded to the Phillippines Embassy to get my Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) and again it was processed the same day.

I am ready to go home. Yet, I still had one problem. My salary was not yet released and our HR informed me I’ll be receiving it the moment I’m inside the plane. It didn’t bother me too much since I saved a little money enough for 2 to 3 weeks of stay in the Philippines. But it would be a great help when I receive it.

The moment we landed to NAIA Terminal 1, I received a text message that my salary was deposited in my bank account.

Finally, I found myself complete with all the documents needed for vacation, I had the money and we had smooth and hassle-free flight. I had with me my girlfriend and her mother for the whole flight.

The vacation started and the happiness was beyond words.

After all my struggles from the time I left the country last January 2015 up to the moment I landed back in the airport, God never failed me. He is always on time and the experiences I experienced before my flight simply proved that God saved me once more.

Maybe in your day to day life, you have experienced a lot of struggles and uncertainties. Maybe you have experienced the same with mine or maybe yours are bigger or smaller than mine. Please don’t give up. Continue to pray and ask the Lord about it and for sure He will never fail you and at the end of the day, He will save you once more.

If He saved me once more, for sure He will save you too.

I’d like to end with this verse;

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight. “ – Proverbs 3:5-6

May God bless you and prosper the works of your hands!