Priceless Vacation After 2 Years

I left the Philippines last January 15, 2015 for an unsure journey abroad. It was my first time to leave the country. I’m so scared of the possible things that would happen to me. I traveled alone by the way which made me more scared.

But I had faith that things will just run smoothly. And indeed, they were. To cut the long story short, I flew from Philippines to Hongkong and from there I flew to Dubai, UAE. I was on a visit visa then. My girlfriend and her relatives picked me up the day after I left the country.

I’m so excited at the same time afraid, but I had to move on and continued applying for any possible job. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a job for my first month of stay. I got another one month visa and finally, the day before my visa expired, I got a job offer which I’m working at, up to now.

And just last April 20, I finally arrived home for my first vacation after more than 2 years. I’m just so thankful to God that everything ran smoothly. I just couldn’t describe the feeling I felt the moment I saw my whole family smiling at me and eagerly waiting for my warm embrace.

Finally, I’m back home again. I spent most of my time with my family because this was what I realized abroad: I’m away for maybe more than 800 days and most of that time, I spent at work and friends and I just had 30-days’ vacation, then how could I manage to spend a day with other non-sense things. Admittedly, I wasn’t able to visit and meet most of my friends because before I went home, I already made a decision to spend my vacation for and with my family only.

The moments were precious and priceless especially that we’re growing as a family at the same time my parents are getting old.

It’s really nice to be home with the one you truly loved and cherished. Added to that was the presence of my girlfriend who visited Bohol for the first time.

Below is a shot taken at Loboc River Floating Restaurant during my vacation. I’m back abroad by the way and looking forward going home again by March next year.

To end, let me ask you this question: To whom are you going home? When and why?

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God bless you and your family!

Multiple income streams? Take a look at this!

No one gets rich by relying on a single income.

This is the secret of rich people. They don’t even have just 10 sources of income but sometimes it’s hundreds or maybe few thousand.

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Speaking of multiple income streams, let me share with you what are mine.

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God bless and more success to you!

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5 Tips For Recovering From A Bad Investment

This video is downloaded from the Youtube Channel of J3 Patino and I’d like to share this with you especially if you just came from a bad investment.

In this video, J3 mentioned the 5 tips on how to recover from a bad investment. Please share this video with your friends as well.

Enjoy the video and make sure to apply the 5 tips mentioned by J3.

Thank you and have a good day. God bless you!