A Love Letter To My God’s Gift

Dearest GG,

I’ve been planning to write a short love letter to you but due to work schedule and time constraints, it takes a little bit longer for me to finish this.

Before you continue reading, I need to warn you not to cry. However, if you feel about crying, then cry. Lol.

Let me proceed now with my love letter. By the way, this letter will be a serious one because I write it with deep love and conviction.

First of all, I’d like to thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to meet a beautiful soul in the vastness of His creations. Who would have thought that an ordinary guy from Bohol would get the chance to have a glimpse of an alluring lady from Isabela?

Honestly, never did I dream of falling in love with someone from the north. But who am I to question the will of the Lord? After all, I’m just also one of His unique creations. In short, I have to live with it.

Praise be to God always and forever.

I’m far from perfect that’s why from time to time I made and make mistakes but that still doesn’t change your love for me. You continue to accept and love me for who I am.

Sorry and thank you.

Sorry for not living out some of my commitments at times and thank you for always giving me enough time and chances to correct them. Thank you for making me feel special, for cooking me delicious and tasty foods, for dining out with me.

I would like to thank you for praying for me, for loving my family, for believing in my skills and capabilities. Thank you for being my number one supporter and reminding me constantly how blessed and powerful I am.

Thank you for not leaving me during the times I’m weak and hopeless, for uplifting my spirit to stand up and journey through life, that life is precious and so the plans of the Lord for me.

Thank you for listening to some of my pieces of advice and for working on your faith, for responding to God’s call for you. Thank you for being a good daughter and a woman of God.

There are still a lot of things I can thank you for but I will just reserve them during our wedding where we are free to cry and be emotional.

For the second part of this letter, I’d like to give all my praises to you like the way I praise the Lord.

Dearest Jexie, you are really a God’s Gift to me. I thought my life then was complete because I am happy but I was wrong. At this moment in my life, I can say that my life is complete because I already have you and that happiness I felt before now turns to joy.

Indeed, I’m just so blessed by the Lord.

I admire your courage to take on challenges at work and in your service to God and His people. I’m aware of your doubts and fears yet I have no doubt about the things you can do. I always believe in you.

Becoming a Discussion Group Leader and eventually a Household Leader isn’t an easy service to do but you proved to me that everything is possible as long as you’re doing it for the greater and higher purpose.

I’m simply amazed by you and how talented you are.

I’d like to mention about your patience for me and even to others at the same time your generosity as you don’t have a second thought of sharing whatever blessing you have especially to those who need help most.

You motivate me to do the same.

I know how you care and love your family members and surely whatever plans you have for them would soon become real because you work hard for them and you have a good intention of doing such.

I am really sure of what kind of family we will have in the future because I know how wonderful and how great you are as a lady, as a daughter, as a girlfriend and fiancee and as a servant of God.

I promise to keep this love letter short and I mean it. I still have a lot of things to say but the time wouldn’t allow me to. So expect more on the wedding day. Haha.

I’d like to end with this verse from Ephesians 4:2 that says, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

God bless you, love!

Loving you always,

Lebert “Pogi” Omac

Support Each Other


Having a strong support is essential for a successful and life-giving relationship. You should support each other.

But not at all times and in all things.

Still, you have to determine the things you are supporting and not. If your boyfriend really likes to play basketball, support him and much better if you can go with him personally.

And for guys, if your girlfriend likes to sing, support her and be her number one fan. Whatever passion or hobby your partner have, be their number one supporter and motivator. Don’t be insecure with yourself.

You both enjoy the moments.

But when it comes to doing things you think won’t do any good to your partner and to your relationship, be the first to remind your partner and help him or her understand your point of making such reminders.

If you can be successful with understanding each other, you are one step ahead of other couples out there.

In my case, I support my fiancé in her service to the Lord as well as her favorite food and places to go. At the same time, she supports me with my simple life and passion for writing.

But when I see anything wrong with what she’s doing, I am the first one to remind and correct her and vice versa.

However, it’s not always like that. From time to time, we experience misunderstandings and disappointments but we won’t allow a day pass without us being reconciled.

Warning: When You Choose To Love, You’re In Danger

You might be wondering what this article really means or you might think I’m just out of my mind when I’m writing this.

But sorry that’s absolutely right. Let me explain.

When you choose to love, yes you are in danger. The danger of what? The danger of evil. The more you come to Jesus, the more the evil will hold you back. The more he will do everything just to keep you from following Jesus.

If you are weak, the evil triumphs. If you are weak in spirit, the evil hosts a party. There’s no need for him to guard you through because he knows that you won’t stay away from him.

But how about if you are strong? If you are strong in spirit?

The evil weakens and as he weakens, all the more he’ll exert more time and effort to guard you and to keep you from leaving him. That’s why when you choose to love or when you choose to follow Jesus, you’re in danger of evil but you’re in a safe place with Jesus.

Do you experience like these at times?

I would presume you do because it happens to all of us. I, myself, am not exempted. It’s horrifying to know right that every day the evil won’t stop chasing us and creating things just to keep us from loving our Lord and our neighbors.

We should admit this truth. All we can do is to fight evil by continuing to love and follow our Lord, Jesus Christ. Evil should have no place in our hearts and in our life in general. So in order to fight evil, we should fill our hearts and our lives with love, the kind of love that Jesus has for us.

If we do this every day, the evil won’t like us anymore and he will surrender because he knows that the force of good will always overpower him in the long run. He might win us at times but he will lose as we journey with Jesus towards heaven.

So now make a decision to love every moment of your life. Choose to love and be safe in and with our Lord, Jesus Christ.