Happy Birthday To My Teacher Sister

Happy 23rd birthday sis!

“No life’s worth more than any other, no sister worth less than any brother.” – Michael Franti

Yes indeed. You are as worthy as any other even our own family members. We are born equal, no more no less. Sis Leah, I and we as a family would just want you to know that we are so blessed having you. Our family wouldn’t be complete and happy without you around.

You bring joy and laughter every time you’re with us and you know that I suppose. You are the kind of lady that enjoys life by just laughing out problems and setbacks you met in your journey. And I’m so proud of what you’ve become.

Before moving on, let me go back to our childhood years. Since you are next to me, we had a couple of experiences together though our age gap is almost 4 years. I still remember the time when we were on our way to school in which we needed to cross a river through a bridge made of bamboo just for us to arrive school safe. That time we’re accompanied by our father and since you’re still in your very young age, I think you’re in Day Care that time, our father made sure that you crossed the bridge unharmed yet in a blink of an eye an accident happened.

You fell from the bridge when you’re about to take your last step to safely cross the bridge.

And we were so nervous that time to the point that we almost couldn’t even make a single step just to check if you’re alright. And thanks be to God you were safe and just had a few skin scratches.

From that time on, I considered it a turning point that I had to make sure it won’t happen again. So the journey continued. You became a consistent honor student in your elementary years and graduated as Valedictorian.

Time has passed so fast and you’re in your high school years. You became active in school in both academic and extra-curricular activities. I am so happy that some of the things I didn’t do in high school, you’re the one who did it. At least I felt satisfied with that. And then you finished high school and ready for college.

You enrolled Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in English. I didn’t know if that’s really your choice but I and we as a family supported your decision. It seemed that you’re so happy and contented with your studies and we felt the same too.

Until I knew that you had your first boyfriend.

Honestly, I’m a bit afraid at first because I thought it’s still early for you to be in a relationship and I’m worried it would affect your studies. But I chose to trust you and looked at the brighter side of things. You never failed us since we found out that it didn’t work out and you’re ready for your practice teaching at the same time working on your group thesis.

We’re so happy and proud seeing you wearing your teacher’s uniform after overcoming a lot of challenges and disappointments along the way.

Finally, the time had come for you to walk down the red carpet with our parents by your side. It was one of the happy moments for you as an individual and for us as a family. Welcome to your Graduation Day Sis. As much as I wanted to attend that time, my situation then never allowed me to. But I am crying for joy and happiness for what you’ve accomplished so far. It will never be stolen from you. It will be yours forever.

Since you wanted to become a professional teacher, of course, you need to be one. We supported you to review for the upcoming Licensure Examination for Teachers in Manila. It was never easy and will never be but you were able to finish it. You met new friends and explored new places.

And the most awaited day had come. You found yourself answering questions that would change your life forever. We constantly and fervently praying for your success and indeed God never failed us.

After more than a month of waiting for the results, finally, YOU MADE IT. You passed the board examination. Welcome to the professional and real world. Hugs and kisses and congratulations to our Registered Teacher!

Without much time of waiting you got your first job. I knew it was never easy for you but we were so proud of you. You liked the job but your colleagues were otherwise. Yet still, you tried and tried and pushed yourself to the best version of you. And it happened.

However, amidst all of these successes were some challenges.

I and we thought these successes would stay longer but life had a different story to tell. One day you resigned from your job and chose to find a teaching job in Bohol which I and we supported due to the big risks when you’re employed in Manila.

During this time you went home together with your ex-boyfriend who then became your husband. You were both so happy because you’re in a long distance relationship. And we are happy too.

I thought it would again stay longer but one day we found out that you both made a really big mistake. Our world was torn apart and we just couldn’t believe what happened after all. Honestly, we are so disappointed and I, myself, am depressed for over a week.

But we chose to lower our pride and accepted the reality; the reality that you’re not anymore my little sister.  You’re now a mother of an adorable and beautiful baby girl and a wife of your thoughtful and responsible husband.

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.” – Jessica Lange

I always believe that all things happen for a reason or some reasons. You becoming a mother at an early age was a mistake for me but it will never be a mistake for God. I can only think of shallow reasons but only Him can give you the deep reasons within.

The life we as family and I as your big brother has dreamed of you was not realized but we believe that God has prepared the best version of your life moving forward.

And indeed as of now, I can see it already and I am so excited for the years ahead. I can’t dispute the power and plans of the Lord for your life and your new and young family.

This is my prayer for you today in your birthday Sis Leah;

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless every area of your life. That He will equip you with all the things you need in order to raise your daughter healthy, strong and God-fearing for you to be an effective and responsible mother of her and to your husband. That you will continue to reach for the stars and never allow setbacks to stop you from achieving your dreams in life. Just remember that these dreams now will not be any more for you alone but for your family as well. Even now, I claim that you will still realize your dream and prayer to become a teacher in our place. Finally, I would like you to enjoy your birthday and even every day of your life and I and we as a family would want you to know that we are always here to support you and will forever be here to listen and help you in all ways possible.

We love you so much Sis and I, myself, love you beyond words! Let’s forgive and forget and concentrate on the things we have in common and invest our energies in our collective dreams and goals to the years to come.


Loving you,

Kuya Lebert



Privileged To Share God’s Faithfulness

How do you rate God’s faithfulness in your life? Even if you are unfaithful at times, still, He stays as faithful as before. Isn’t it enough reason to be also faithful to the people you love and most especially to Him?

You and I have different stories to tell when it comes to being faithful to God. We agree that inasmuch as we want to be faithful at all times, we still give in to our weaknesses. Despite so, we all have enough time to continue working on our relationship with Him and doing the works He wants us to do.

And one thing we can do right now is to share our experiences with God’s faithfulness in our life. Do you have anything to share? I doubt if you don’t have at least one. By simply sharing your experiences to your friends may it be verbal, in social media, in a forum or by any means of communication, you are already proclaiming God’s faithfulness and this will serve as hope and inspiration to all who will hear your stories.

I have my own take on this when just a few hours ago I was privileged to share my experiences about God’s faithfulness in the area of my finances in front of my brothers and sisters of Singles for Christ (SFC) during our Prayer Assembly (PA).

When I was tapped by a brother to share during our PA, I gave him at least one day to confirm my final decision since there was a conflict on my work schedule but deep inside I already made a decision to say yes to the chance. I asked my colleagues and told them my concern and without any hesitation, they granted my request. Praise God!

When I stood in front of my brothers and sisters a few hours ago, I really felt so blessed to share my experiences about my financial struggles and how I started giving back a portion of my income every month through tithing. And how God has blessed me so much thereafter up until now, though there were times that I’m unfaithful to Him.

I know that not of all those who heard my stories could relate but I believe that I was able to proclaim God’s faithfulness in a simple way as possible and that would serve as hope and inspiration for those who could relate.

You know what, you can share Jesus with others by all means as long as you have the conviction and courage to do so. After all, your main reason for sharing is not to glorify yourself but to glorify Jesus Christ.

Don’t just keep your stories to yourself, share it and make it your daily habit. If you do that consistently, sooner you will be considered as others’ source of inspiration to be faithful to themselves, to their family, to other people around and above all to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Care to share and share to care.

Be always faithful!

Praying for you,

Brother Lebert

This Is My Birthday Prayer: To Help 100 People Become Millionaire Through The Stock Market


Yes, today is my 26th birthday.

Growing up I always heard of this, “What is your WISH in your birthday?”

Before I’m also a fan of it but when years passed by, I began to change my mindset. Instead of asking about “wish”, I prefer to ask, “What is your PRAYER in your birthday?”

I believe prayer speaks more than a mere wish because prayer includes God.

So what is my prayer for my birthday today?


It’s kind of weird but I mean it. It is possible as long as we work together. We’ll journey together towards the fulfillment of this prayer. God is with us and since He’s with us, nothing is impossible.

So how should we do this?

Simple: Live simple.

That’s it. Even if you’re earning a lot but you keep on spending most of them, still you can’t save a peso. And even if you’re earning so small but you keep on saving a portion of it every month, at the end of the day, you will become a millionaire.

But saving isn’t enough. You need to put it in the right vehicle.

Here comes the Stock Market. Oh, sorry I understand that when you hear about the stock market, you get scared because maybe your friends or your relatives lost a lot of money in it before.

Yes, that’s correct.

To give you an idea, 85% of people putting their money in the stock market lost their money.

But wait there are still the 15%. Wondering who these people are?

By the way, there are 2 types of people in the stock market: trader and investor.

Our goal is to be part of the 15% and we will be called the long-term investor. The traders are those experts in the stock market who buy/sell stocks within hours or days. But for our case, we don’t care when the price goes up and down. We just simply put any amount of money every single month.

By this way, we will form a habit and thereafter a discipline.

If you’re a newbie like me, you need to have the proper guidance and coaching because there are a lot of things you need to consider when you invest in the stock market.

In my case, I joined Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club, not because Bo is my idol but I support his vision and mission to help good people become rich. Since joining, a lot of my financial life has changed. Better changes since my spiritual life changes as well.

And by the way just July this year, one of his maids became a millionaire in the stock market within 7 years.

That’s why I have the confidence that we will be able to become a millionaire in the near future as long as we will religiously follow the advice and tips of the Truly Rich Club.

If you believe that you also have the capability and commitment to learning how to invest in the stock market and eventually become a millionaire, then I invite you to become an affiliate of the Truly Rich Club and let’s help each other.

Since it’s my birthday today and my prayer is to help 100 people become a millionaire, I encourage you to start your journey now and take charge of your financial life and be one of these 100 people.

Important Note: Remember that you aren’t just doing this for yourself, but to your family and other people as well. It’s always a nice feeling to help than to be helped.

If you want to know and learn more about the Truly Rich Club, simply visit this, http://bit.ly/StartYourTRCJourneyNow

This is all for today and I’m looking forward to the realization of my Birthday Prayer. I hope you will be part of the 100 people who will become a millionaire through the Stock Market.

Praying for you,

Lebert “Birthday Boy” Omac

P.S. I also have my birthday gift for you. What is it? Sorry, I always like to surprise people.  Just claim your surprise gift here, http://bit.ly/FreeEbookHowToSaveMoney