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Find Your Middle Ground

Disagreements are common in all relationships. In fact, it is an essential part of a healthy relationship. This is so because humans have different points of view about things. Even if you love each other too much, there will be times you argue about some things to the point of hurting each other’s feeling. The best way to end an argument is one should stop speaking ... Read more

Support Each Other

Having a strong support is essential for a successful and life-giving relationship. You should support each other. But not at all times and in all things. Still, you have to determine the things you are supporting and not. If your boyfriend really likes to play basketball, support him and much better if you can go with him personally. And for guys, if your girlfriend likes to sing, ... Read more

Attention: Guys, Do The Background Check

Guys, don’t be impulsive in the way you make decisions. It is the tendency of every guy to think in advance once we see a beautiful and hot lady. There are lots of things playing in our mind. But before you proceed to your plan of having a specific lady as your girlfriend, you have to do your homework first. You have to check her background ... Read more

Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Being a couple doesn’t mean you have to tell everything to your partner. You must admit that there are things which you only should know especially highly confidential matters. When you’re already married, maybe you can share those with your wife or husband but when you’re still boyfriend or girlfriend, I advise you not. You can’t tell what will happen tomorrow so it’s better to ... Read more

Influence Over Control

The reason why most relationships fail is that because the couple doesn’t know the difference between influence and control. Simply put. Influence for me is telling your partner the right things to do or much better showing to your partner the things she or he should not do. Control is imposing on your partner the things he/she should do and not do. It’s like you always have ... Read more
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