God Will Give Back What You’ve Given Away

God Will Give Back What You’ve Given Away

Yes, it’s so true. I can attest to this.

I’ve experienced this countless times in my 26 years of existence. But for today, I’d like to focus on my most recent experience.

This is the story.

Last January 12-13, the CFC Singles for Christ conducted the Covenant Orientation Weekend (COW) and one of the sessions is about Financial Stewardship.

In this session, we’re taught about how to become a responsible steward of God’s treasure, particularly money. What struck me most was about “tithing”. Tithing is simply giving back to the Lord the first tenth of your gross income. It has biblical references of course.

Though I’ve been tithing for 4 years now, I’m still struck during the talk because until now, my tithe is still below 10%. I have this feeling of guilt somehow. That moment was a realization for me to increase my tithe to 10% starting this year.

Towards the end of the session, the speaker challenged us to put in the envelope whatever amount we can give right at that moment. We prayed about it and ask His grace for us to give the right amount we can freely give away.

Honestly, at first, I’m confused how much would I give until I finally made a decision to give this amount (for privacy purposes, I will not disclose how much did I give).

This is just the first part of the story. Let’s talk about the second. Read on.

The speaker shared about her so touching story about tithing. This reminded me to pray about my tithe and just hold on to God’s faithfulness. In other words, I just should trust Him fully and wholeheartedly.

So that moment I gave my first tithe for the year but it’s not the 10% of my gross income since I’m planning to divide it into two, the other half I will give to my other community.

So, almost 2 days after, here’s what happened.

Early morning today, I went home from a dinner with my workmates. The moment I entered the main door of the building where I’m staying, my eyes caught the attention of paper bill money.

At first, I thought it’s just a plain paper or garbage but when I picked it up, I’m surprised it’s real money. And I realized it’s exactly the same amount of the money I gave as tithe almost 2 days ago.

Indeed, our God is a God of miracles. He’s a fair God and He’s so faithful to his promises. We just need to hold on to Him.

Whatever amount you’ve given away now, He will give it back to you sometimes exactly the same amount but most of the times its way, way more.

May God bless you now and forever!

Praying for you,

Lebert “Futurich” Omac

P.S. Do you want to give more but struggling with your finances? If so, I’d like to invite you to join Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club now. Visit, http://bit.ly/StartYourTRCJourneyNow to learn more.

Lebert Omac

Lebert is a forester by profession and currently working as a sales associate in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He comes from a simple family of Bohol, Philippines and is the breadwinner of their family. Aside from making sure that his family is provided with all their needs, he is also passionate about faith-building at the same time building healthy and lasting relationships with everyone, especially to his fiancee. On top of all the things he's doing now, he also dreams of building a God-fearing and God-centered family in the future and eventually make it a mission in order to build a peaceful society. Growing up in a family where he feels all the love and support push him to pursue this dream.
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