How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam

How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam

How 1-Peso Helped Me Topped The Board Exam

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I’m writing this blog with an intention to inspire you and to help you realize the value of every little thing you have. I will be sharing you my own experience that will make you think how blessed you are now.

Are you ready to be inspired? I can feel your excitement. And thank you for that. I don’t want to prolong your agony. So let’s start. Enjoy reading;

After four (4) years of tedious college studies, finally I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Forestry on March 2011. I can never describe the happiness I felt that time. How much more the happiness of my parents watching their handsome (hmp) son marching and receiving diploma. What made me happier was that despite the financial struggles we encountered as a family and the hardships endured by my parents just to give me the education they’re dreaming for me, still we made it. We made it until graduation. That time, I thought financial struggles will end. Because in my mind, my next priority was to look for a job and eventually help my parents in sending my younger siblings to college as well. Yet I was wrong. I almost forgot that I need to take the Board Examination first which was set on July 10 and 11, 2011. Passing the examination will give me added hope in landing for a better job someday. My next priority obviously was to review and pass the exam eventually.

As our usual problem, we have no money. So how can I take the review? That time University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) in Laguna was offering 3 weeks refresher course which will start on May 11-31, 2011. Deep inside I really want to be one of their reviewees BUT the thought that we have no money was holding me back. So what did I do? I consulted my parents if they could help me on my plan? Unfortunately they said they don’t have the fund to support me. I was hurt but I chose to understand. In order to satisfy my desire, I texted, even called my friends if they could lend me money just for the registration fee which was P3,500. To cut the long story short I was able to reach the desired amount by the help of my friends, my elder sister and her boyfriend (now husband), my parents (they borrowed money also). I am a little comfortable then. Again there’s another problem.

How about my expenses for my stay in UPLB? How about the fare going to Manila? My allowance? Any other possible expenses? This was the next challenge. As usual, I used my connections. I contacted my college professor who is also from Laguna if he could help me search for a boarding house near their place when all of a sudden I was shocked when he told me to stay in one of his houses in San Antonio, Los Banos, Laguna for FREE. I was totally shocked and overwhelmed by how things unfold in front of my eyes. My lodging was secured and all I had to worry was my allowance. Good thing my father worked as a canvasser in behalf of a lumber company in our place and he knew where their day to day operations were. He got paid via commission basis and would earn additional income if he transported the lumber from the mountains down the road. That time they had an operation and the company requested my father to transport the lumber and he’ll get additional payment. All of the sudden, I got an idea. Remember I need money for my allowance? I helped my father in transporting those lumber even though it’s against his will because he wanted me to focus on the review rather than helping him. Yet I insisted and we finally finished it. Finally I had the money enough for my stay in UPLB.

It was mid-April when I and my college classmate went to Manila and eventually to UPLB to get ready for the review. I was so happy at the same time I missed my family. But I had to move on. I had this goal in mind to pass the exam and eventually find a job and help my family. The review class finally started and we were so shy especially during break time because our classmates were having their snacks from mcdo while I and my college classmate were having one X.O. coffee candy each. All because we have limited money. I’m thankful with that situation since that motivated me to pursue my goal for being there. That didn’t bring me down. Time flew fast and here the Pre-board exam was set the next day. We need to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally which we did religiously. Early morning of the pre-board exam day, we woke up and prepared our breakfast when we found out that the left-over rice we ate last evening was the only rice we had to take for our breakfast. Worse was that we only had P10 pesos in our wallet enough to buy food to match the rice we had. Instantly we’re in the state of uncertainty. We had to borrow money for our fare and to buy pencil for the exam. We’re so desperate that we borrowed money from the niece of our college professor who immediately handed us P40 which we think enough already for the fare and pencils. And so we’re very happy. And we’re on our way.

We passed by a store and bought pencils. While we’re in the counter, I couldn’t believe that after charging the pencils, our change was only P15.50 and the jeepney fare going to the examination room was P16.00 (for the 2 of us). In other words, we lack 0.50 cents. I walked out the store and in my desperation, I searched and looked around hoping I could find 1 peso. But there was none. When I came back in, the cashier was counting our change when all of a sudden he received a telephone call and gave the change to us. To our surprise, when we counted the change there was a 1 peso coin excess which means we now had P16.50 money enough for the jeepney fare. That time I remembered one of my favourite songs in college, “God Will Make A Way.” I will talk about this later. So let’s continue;

We took the exam despite being a bit late and having no calculator. Good thing my seatmate generously lent her calculator to me whenever she’s done with the calculations. After all the challenges we faced, still we’re able to take the exam. The next day was the announcement of the pre-board exam results and the top 10. The proctor first announced the 10th placer with a description. While listening to her, I had this feeling that her description referred to me but I chose not to assume until finally she mentioned my name. At that very moment, I was so shocked and almost can’t hold my tears. I just can’t imagine why and how it worked that way. Having that achievement, I’m now more confident to study more and give my all for the final board examination.

Here comes the examination day. We came early in the morning because that time it was raining and we’re afraid to be trapped in the traffic. I brought my rosary with me, the things needed for the exam and of course I’m bringing with me the desire and goal to pass the exam and gives glory and happiness for my family particularly my parents. The 2-day exam has passed and we’re now waiting for the results. Then 2 days after, the result was announced. The first person who informed me about the result was my college professor then who generously let us stayed in his house. What surprised me most was I am the one who topped the Board Exam. That time I just finished reciting the Holy Rosary because during the whole review period, I’ve been reciting it every day. I rolled and cried because of the happiness I felt especially when I remembered the challenges I faced and overcame along the way. I called my family immediately and I received so many texts and calls congratulating me for the great achievement. I just can’t imagine the feelings I had that time. I remembered using the cellphone calculator during the entire review because I had no money to buy scientific calculator. I just bought it one day before the exam.

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Indeed, God will make a way when you think that there is no way. God knows all your heart’s desires and He will give it to you in His time. The best thing you can do is to do your part and trust that God will give the best for you. Don’t limit the power and plan of God for your life. He knows your situation. He knows your capabilities because he made you. Because God loves you. Whenever you’re faced with doubts and uncertainties, just hold on to Him. Always remember that life is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you’re at the top, sometimes you’re at the bottom. No matter which of the two situations you are now, always believe that God will bring you at the top. And once you’re there, you will be there forever because your God and our God is victorious. You are number one in Him.

So how was my story? Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. I hope I inspired you and somehow gave you an idea on how to value every little thing you have. Because you never know that little you have now will bring you to the top, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow but for sure it will happen because God knows and loves you well.

Thank you and may our God continue to bless you in a very special way. See you at my next blogs!

P.S. Please help me in my desire to help and inspire people all over the world. By simply sharing this blog to your friends you already give them hope and change their outlook in life.

  • You really have a strong determination to achieved ur dream, hope I can do the same with the help of our almighty GOD.thank you po. You made me inspired and motivated in every challenge that i may encounter…

    • Thank you so much Juliet. I am glad to know I was able to inspire you. Whatever challenges you have right now, believe that God will make a way and His ways are always for your best. All the best for you and your family Juliet. God bless and keep te faith!

    • Hi Bro Mel!

      Thank you bro for the feedback. Yes bro I will for God’s glory! Kindly share this to your friends bro and maybe you want to grab a copy of my ebook as well. God bless and have good day bro!

  • I don’t know what to say about this blog of yours, but one thing is for sure….you really inspired me with this. We have something in common….that is we come from a simple family which made me so hard to finish my college degree and pass the board, but thank God He made all this possible.. Continue inspiring other people….I will Pray for you….and pray for me as well…Godbless us!

    • Wow! Im glad I was able to inspire you Quennie. Sure I will continue to write. By the way thank you for subscribing for my newsletter. Rest assured I will include you in my prayers. Last request: please share my blogs to your friends as well. Hehe. God bless and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Jasper,

      Thank you for the compliment bro. I feel so blessed everytime I was able to inspire others. Thank you Jasper for blessing me in any way. God bless bro and hope to hear you soon! Stay tuned on my upcoming blogs! 😊

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