The truth is you already know the answer. It’s just that you’re not so aware of it.

So if you’ve been struggling to find the right girl for you for a long time now even after following the advice from your friends and some dating gurus but still you ended up getting busted over and over again, what I want you to do at this very moment is to worry no more.

In a few minutes, you will learn the exact solution to your problem and this letter will show you how.

Dear bro,

Most people say being single is the best time of one’s life.

According to them, this is the time where you have full control of your life. You decide what career to pursue and become an expert at. You can travel anywhere without someone stopping you (except your parents of course at times). You can also try a lot of new things while still young and able.

I agree with the people who say this however they forget to consider one thing.

“That being single isn’t forever unless it’s your decision to live single for life.”

I don’t see anything wrong about living the single life to the fullest as long as you keep in mind that it has an end. That eventually you will need someone to live and be with you towards the next chapter of life.

See, it’s easy to say that as a single guy, finding a girlfriend won’t be that hard because girls are everywhere. This seems true.

But “finding the right girl” is a different story.

It means sacrifices, patience, commitment, confidence, consistency, persistence, sleepless nights, and additional expenses on your part.

Unfortunately, only very few guys have all these and are willing to do the hard work and behind the scenes hustle.

That’s why it’s no wonder they finally found the right girl for them. They deserve it. They deserve to live a life of love and happiness with their partners for life and building their own family.

So if you are still single now, try to ask yourself;

  • What have I done wrong?
  • What’s stopping me from taking action?
  • What could’ve I done better?
  • What are the things I didn’t try yet?

Aside from these questions, I thought it’s safe to assume that there was also a point in your life where you asked the question, “How do I find the right girl for me?”

Or maybe this is still the same question you have in mind at present.

Well, this is a valid question and you don’t have to be ashamed of asking about it. It simply means you care about yourself and your future family.

And what you did to find the answer of such question was you resorted to asking some of your trusted friends, or maybe you bought and read dating books, attended seminars or maybe subscribed to a coaching program and listened to podcast from the experts in this topic.

In other words, you already invested money and time just to find the answer and yet ended more confused and clueless. Still, no one directly and specifically gave you the answer to your long-time question.

Until you lost hope and simply settle to the option of living single for life just because you didn’t find the answer.

But before you give up, I have good news for you.

There is an answer to your question. Actually, you might know it already. It’s just that you’re not aware of it.

But before I’ll share you the answer, let me ask you this;

Are you really committed to finding the “right girl” for you even after getting busted once or maybe many times before?

If you say yes, then you have to read this letter until the end.

See, if you’ve experienced getting busted before it reduced your self-confidence and affected your self-esteem especially if she gave you false hope.

Or if you dated her for a long time only to be pushed aside just for someone she thought is better than you. It sucks but it happens.

There are also guys who are just considered as friends. In other words, they are in the friend-zone.

Whatever failure and heartaches you encountered in the past, life goes on. You still have the chance to find the “right girl” for you. You still have the privilege to love again and be loved by someone. You still have the opportunity to be happy and transform your life.

You still have the time to do it right this time and avoid getting busted over and over again.

You don’t want to get busted once again, right?

Well, who would want to be the topic of every “tsismis” and “asaran” of friends?

Again, if you are really committed to finally find the “right girl” for you, let me introduce you the latest e-book I wrote with the sole purpose of helping you. All you have to do is to determine the skills you need in your “panliligaw” journey and just level them up to the highest level possible.


In this easy to read, 50-page, Taglish e-book, you will learn;

  • The difference between men and women’s psychology and how will you use it to your advantage.
  • The “6 Factors Stopping You From Finding The Right Girl For You”.
  • The answer to the famous question, “When is the right time manligaw?”
  • How to “Level Up Your Panliligaw Skills”.
  • The right mindset and mental condition during panliligaw.
  • How to know if she is the right girl for you.
  • How to behave when you are in front of other people and most especially when in front of her family.
  • How to package yourself physically to catch her attention.
  • The benefit of praying about your panliligaw journey.
  • The difference between dating and courting.
  • Why being a “nice guy always” would cause you more harm than good.
  • The problem about being so serious.
  • How to properly approach your prospect.
  • How to understand girls’ intention in chats and all important things about online panliligaw.
  • Bonus Chapter on how to keep your relationship strong and last.
  • The overall guiding principle of finding the right girl for you.

And a lot more.

You see this e-book isn’t just an ordinary one. This was written out from the feedback I received from my subscribers. I invested a lot of time in order to finish it and I made sure inside this e-book you find the answer on how to find the right girl for you without getting busted over and over again.

Below are some of the emails I received from my subscribers.

So far, I’m happy seeing positive results from my subscribers by following my advice and tips. However, I’m not solely claiming all the praises and glories because it’s, after all, teamwork.

Maybe you heard from someone before that “panliligaw” isn’t easy. Yes, I agree but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

You just have to follow the basic principles of human psychology mix with time-tested and easy-to-implement practical strategies (these pieces of information are also available inside the e-book).

Now, I know you are excited and I also know what you’re thinking about.

How Can I Get A Copy of It?

With all the things you will learn inside the e-book, I can easily sell it at a premium price but I won’t do it. After all, my goal is to help you finally find the right girl for you. You’ve already wasted so much time and even money. You’ve been through series of heartaches and heartbreaks already.

I’m sure this isn’t the kind of life you’ve been dreaming to have. You really deserve a life of love and happiness.

And if you’ve been following other foreign relationship gurus and experts, the cheapest program you can get will be $100 and that’s too much money already. They even have $500 programs too.

Or maybe you’ve bought one of their programs before but still didn’t enjoy the results you expected.

Well, why go far when you can get more direct answers from a Pinoy like you?

See in order to get a copy of my e-book, you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money.

I usually sell this e-book at P999 but at least for today, you can have it for just P699.

Is it too much or fair enough?

Remember you only need to invest P699 but the corresponding benefits are priceless. Don’t consider it as an extra expense but an investment to your future life, to your happy life with your right girl.

I believe investing P699 is nothing compared to the amount of money you will waste if you’re dating the wrong girl plus the heartache you’ll feel afterward.

Still not convinced?

Okay, I’ll share all the resources I have. If you order now, you will also get the Free Report: How Women Would Like to Be Approached, as a complementary to your order.

Inside this eye-opening report, you’ll discover how women think about guys approaching them. And here’s what else you’ll get:

The single best way to understand women psychology – it makes it so quick and easy, you’ll wish you’d known about it years ago!

A sneaky way to learn more about women – if you don’t know how to approach them, then you’ll love using this strategy!

 This report might be practically short but I intended to write it as it is. The contents will directly give the solution to your problem. I can easily sell it with minimum P250.00 but you will get if for free when you get a copy of the e-book.

And the next item is what I consider priceless.

If you are one of the first 3 who will avail a copy of the e-book, you will be part of my VIP list for mentoring.  In other words, I will prioritize you on top of others.

I can also easily charge someone with this mentoring but I decided to include it as a bonus for trusting me and more importantly I want to personally help you in your journey because as much as I want to document all my knowledge and wisdom in writing, still there are equally important items which I might forget to write.

That’s why private mentoring is the best solution.

All I want is for you to experience the kind of relationship I am enjoying now despite your struggles at the moment and failures in the past.

Wait, There’s More!

 If you decide to grab a copy of the e-book now, you will also receive as a bonus my other e-book entitled Mastering First Move: Your Ultimate Guide On How To Successfully Approach A Beautiful Woman And Trust You Right Away!

In this e-book you will learn how to;

  • Break away from the limiting factors which enslave you for long-time and rob your right to be happy and experience the joy of talking with beautiful women
  • Avoid being rejected and ignored by your prospect next time
  • Become more responsible in dealing with women
  • Build your reputation and make your first approach lasts forever
  • Increase your self-esteem and improve your confidence in approaching beautiful women
  • Stand out from other so-called expert men out there
  • Understand the proper attitude when approaching beautiful women for them to trust you right away
  • Increase your chances of getting more next meet-ups or dates with your prospect
  • Find your future partner in life if you follow the strategies and steps in this guidebook
  • Make your love life stress-free and have lasting happiness

This e-book sells at P499 but you will have it as FREE when you grab a copy of the Level Up Your “Panliligaw” Skills e-book. These 2 e-books complement each other.

Let me recap the bonuses you can get just by purchasing the e-book;

  1. Free Report: How Women Would Like to Be Approached – P250
  2. Mastering First Move e-book – P499
  3. Private Mentoring – Priceless

Bonuses alone already exceed your investment. It’s a no-brainer offer.

Plus Your Satisfaction is Also Guaranteed!

Go ahead and order Level Up Your “Panliligaw” Skills: Your Complete Guide On How To Find The Right Girl For You risk-free right now.

Apply all the things I shared and wrote in the e-book and enjoy the results for a full 30 days. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason – if this e-book isn’t everything that I say it is, simply email at futurich30@gmail.com for a full, prompt and cheerful refund.

And just as my way of saying thank you for trying it out, you can KEEP the copy with you as well as the Free Report: How Women Would Like to Be Approached and the Mastering First Move e-book!

You don’t have to return them. I’ve already accomplished my goal to help you in ways I know I can. I’m satisfied with that and no hard feelings. We’re still friends after all.

I can’t be any fairer than that and you can’t find any better deal than this, so…

Order Now to Lock in the Lowest Price For Limited Time Only…

If you act now your total investment is just P699.00– but this introductory price could end at any time. So click the PayPal button below now to get started, because you deserve to find the right girl for you and enjoy a life of love and happiness without getting busted over and over again.

Important notes: After you click the button, you will be forwarded to the Paypal official website. If you already have a Paypal account, simply log in and pay using your Paypal balance or the debit/credit card that is linked in your Paypal account.

If ever you don’t have a Paypal account yet and you want to pay via debit/credit card, simply enter the card details in the above section though you still have to create your Paypal account in the below section of the Paypal official website.

Once payment is confirmed by Paypal, don’t forget and simply click the “Return to Merchant” tab for the instructions on how to download the book you just purchased.

For Bank Deposits:

Deposit P699.00 to my Banco De Oro (BDO) Savings Account:

Account Name: Lebert  I. Omac

Account Number: 002110887245

After you deposit, take a picture of your deposit slip and email it to futurich30@gmail.com with Subject name: E-book Payment (Your Name)

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing the link where you can download the e-book and the bonus report and e-book.

I’ve done my part bro and it’s now time for you to do yours.

Please make it happen this time by doing it right with my guidance.

Supporting you,

Lebert Omac

P.S. Go ahead and don’t look around because you won’t find a better or more affordable way to find the right girl for you and experience the kind of life you never experience before. So click here to order risk-free right now.

P.P.S. I understand that like any other guide or course, regular editions and updating of the contents are important to catch up with the changing trends and information through time. Hence, if you grab a copy of this e-book right now, I will be sending straight to your email every new edition or its updated version in the future. Thank you and may our great God bless you more and your future love life!








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