Why You Need To Consider Having Your Own Family Picture

Why You Need To Consider Having Your Own Family Picture

Some people might think taking a family picture is corny. I beg to disagree because for me this is one of my most important possessions. A simple family picture speaks a lot of stories, you know.


Allow me to share why it’s our tradition that every time when we are complete we would never forget to have our most recent family picture. If you don’t have taken one for your own family, I encourage you to consider it as urgent and why you shouldn’t forget it.

So we started taking our family picture way back 2013 and from then on, we did it every year excluding the year 2016 since I wasn’t able to go home that time. This was our 1st official picture as a family.

And this is for the year 2014.

The year 2015.

The year 2017.

And the most recent was just last April of this year.

When you look at these pictures, there’s nothing really special except that we are complete, getting bigger and we’re happy doing it. It is our own way of expressing our love and unity as a family. We struggled a lot and somehow succeeded as well in some ways.

It is just so touching to look at our progress little by little as a family and every time I go home for vacation, we always look at the same pictures and simply thank God for allowing us to spend another year together.

You know why we made it a habit or somehow family tradition?

Simply because we want to take advantage of the opportunity that we’re complete for no one knows when we’ll be complete again. We don’t know that this year or next year, one of us will work in other places and won’t be with us for some important reasons. By the way, we are not rich financially as a family but we are so rich in love and support for each other which for me are far more important.

Another reason is that we want to track the changes that happened as years passed by. You can see that there are a lot of differences from our 2013 picture up to the present. You can also see the progress when it comes to the way we took our pictures. It’s improving somehow. Haha.

I am sharing this with you because I always believe that you shouldn’t take your family for granted. You should spend time with them and let them feel that you love them especially your parents. Remember that they’re not getting younger. You need to double time before there’s no more chance for you to enjoy life with them.

This is not to warn you. I’m just stating the reality of life. If you want to live a regret-free life, you need to do something now and assess your priorities. Your life isn’t meant for you alone. It’s meant for others. Read my previous blog here.

I’d like to end here as I just want to share my thoughts about the importance of family and considering taking your own family picture. I pray and hope that from now on, you make the decision to bond with your family and create memories that will last forever.

God bless you, my friend!

P.S. We’re six siblings in the family (3 boys, 3 girls) but last January 30, 2002, our elder brother passed away due to a vehicular accident.

Lebert Omac

Lebert is a forester by profession and currently working as a sales associate in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He comes from a simple family of Bohol, Philippines and is the breadwinner of their family. Aside from making sure that his family is provided with all their needs, he is also passionate about faith-building at the same time building healthy and lasting relationships with everyone, especially to his fiancee. On top of all the things he's doing now, he also dreams of building a God-fearing and God-centered family in the future and eventually make it a mission in order to build a peaceful society. Growing up in a family where he feels all the love and support push him to pursue this dream.
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