The Sacrifices Of A Loving Mother And What You Should Do

The Sacrifices Of A Loving Mother And What You Should Do


Yes it is true that when you love someone, you have to sacrifice. You have to invest time just to be with the one you love. You have to make sure that he is safe. You have to sacrifice your own pleasure for his comfort. You have to think of his welfare first before your own. You have to show how much you love him every day of your life.

These are the “to- dos” if you choose to love. But for mothers their sacrifices are way beyond. So what are really the sacrifices of a loving mother? Let me share to you about my own mother.

I am a mama’s boy ever since. Every time I have problem I go to her. Every time I have concern in school I go to her.  She’s my source of comfort and everything. I witnessed how she sacrificed everything just to provide all our needs. I am fully aware that she woke up early in the morning to prepare our breakfast and “baon”. When we’re short of budget I saw her left our house early in the morning to borrow money and when she came back she already had the food for us. I witnessed how she sacrificed her own savings to pay our dues in school. I saw her tired of washing our clothes and ironing them for us to look presentable. I saw her joy and sadness every time we left the house on our way to school. I missed those times that the moment I arrived from school, dinner was already served. I saw her doing things which I believe should only be done by men such as firewood gathering, cleaning the motorcycle, rice harvesting and so many more. I saw her keeping all the hardships within herself because she didn’t want us to worry about her. For my mother all these sacrifices are worth it because she chose to love us.

For sure my mother’s sacrifices are your mother’s sacrifices too. In any case there are other things my mother is doing that your mother is not doing and there are things that your mother is doing that my mother is not doing. I am her witness and you too are witness of your own mother. As a witness of all these sacrifices I guess we have to do something. And what is that something?

This something is all about paying back. This time it should be our decision to give back everything our mothers deserve. That it’s our time to sacrifice for them. Yes career is our priority now but we shouldn’t forget to look back and put them on our priorities list. While we’re away and enjoying our life, we can’t disregard the fact that our mother is missing us so much. A constant communication and update will surely do. Let’s continue to pray and show them how much we care.

Loving is sacrificing. Don’t forget to look back. Search your heart and be grateful.

God bless you!

To your rich future,

Lebert “Futurich” Omac

P.S. The focus of this article is for mothers only and it doesn’t mean that I disregard the sacrifices of my father.

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