The Single Most Important Key For A Lasting Relationship

The Single Most Important Key For A Lasting Relationship

Aside from love, the next most important key to a lasting relationship is time.

Obviously, if you love someone, you have to spend time with the one you love. Either you meet personally from time to time or you call or chat with each other.

If you don’t have time to contact or meet your boyfriend or girlfriend, it simply means you don’t have love.

What’s the point of being in a relationship where you don’t have time for each other? It’s better to cut it as early as now before it’s too late.

Having time with each other is one of the ways of telling that you are committed to your partner.

Commitment isn’t a thing which should be taken for granted. It should be lived every day of your life, especially in your relationship.

Since I and my fiancé became official as boyfriend and girlfriend, we made it sure that we had enough time with each other despite busy schedules.

It’s crucial for us since we were from each other then. We didn’t allow a day to pass without us updating about the things we did for the day.

And that commitment made us to who we are now.

A simple update from one of us means a lot to our relationship.

See, the patience and commitment pay off in due time and that is because we decided to have time with each other.

Lebert Omac

Lebert is a forester by profession and currently working as a sales associate in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He comes from a simple family of Bohol, Philippines and is the breadwinner of their family. Aside from making sure that his family is provided with all their needs, he is also passionate about faith-building at the same time building healthy and lasting relationships with everyone, especially to his fiancee. On top of all the things he's doing now, he also dreams of building a God-fearing and God-centered family in the future and eventually make it a mission in order to build a peaceful society. Growing up in a family where he feels all the love and support push him to pursue this dream.
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