The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender


One of the major decisions I made in life was when I decided to resign from my work in the Philippines way back December 2014. That means I had to live with the resources I had that time. It was really a struggle for me. I had full of doubts and uncertainties especially when I thought of my three siblings who were in college. Yet I’d already made my decision. I had to embrace change. I had to follow my desires and surrender them to Him. In other words, I learned to let go until I finally found myself in Dubai without 100% assurance of finding a job though in my mind I already had prospect employers.

This Is It!

At first I am so excited about the new environment. I am so excited to try my skills here in the Middle East. Immediately, I sent CVs with a hope of being interviewed and consequently got the job. Unfortunately my plans were not executed the way I planned them. Days have gone so fast until my one month visit visa expired. I’m faced with the reality that not all job-seekers would get the job as they wanted. Good thing I got help from a generous person who shouldered the one month extension of my visa. The journey continued. I changed strategy. Instead of focusing on applying for environment-related jobs which fits my qualifications, I applied for any jobs for the meantime. I’m so desperate. I got interviews which boosted my confidence and gave me hope that one day I will be hired. I prepared for all of them and patiently waited for calls or any job offer. BUT there was nothing. As in I received no job offer. Good thing was that I still had few more days to go before my extended visa expires.

Test of Faith.

Those times were really tests of faith. During my prayer times, I asked God why He brought me in Dubai. I asked Him why I didn’t receive any job offer. There were times that I complained. There were times that I hated myself. There were days I cried in the middle of my prayer. I had so many things in mind. I’m worried. I’m frustrated. I’m so desperate for a job. My budget was decreasing. My days were decreasing as well. I had no other sort of comfort aside from my dreams and the promise of God which He revealed to me in Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” At least I found comfort. But my present situation made me doubt and worried from time to time.

Divine Intervention.

Finally, I was offered a job from a Fine Dining restaurant which I thought of accepting. I prayed about it if it was really God’s will. It’s a good offer but I couldn’t feel it deep inside. So I ask for a Divine Intervention. It was Sunday morning when I’m about to send my documents for them to process my exit when the person who helped me in visa extension messaged me via Facebook not to accept the offer anymore because she said it’s better to get another 3 months visit visa than working for a job that didn’t fits me which in the end I would regret. I agreed with her then. At that very moment I prayed and thanked God for intervening in my life’s decisions. That time also I learned to again surrender to Him all my plans, worries and dreams. When this happened, I’m also waiting for a call from another company for the second interview. And I’m happy to declare that at present, I am working in this Company as Sales Executive. I was hired one day before my extended visit visa expired. Indeed, God knows what’s best for me and He’s always on time.

The Power of Surrender.

Once you learn to let go and surrender, you will see miracles happening in your life. Whatever plans you have right now, just surrender them to God because He knows what you’re going through. He knows whatever is right for you. Believe that He will prosper the works of your hands. Believe that He will give you the best future which you can’t imagine. Believe that He will grant all your heart’s desires and dreams. I always believe that when you dream for something that will benefit others more than yourself, for sure God will grant them in His time and what you can do is just to be amazed on how things unfold in front of you. Create excitement about your future. Focus on your dreams not your present situation. Don’t let worries and fears steal the dreams and purpose God has planted in your heart. Learn to surrender because “In Surrender, There Is Power”. Not just ordinary power but Divine Power.

Thank you and may our God continue to bless you in a very special way. See you at my next blogs!

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