What You Should Do When You Feel Unimportant

What You Should Do When You Feel Unimportant


For sure you will agree with me when I say that at one point in your life you feel unimportant. Unimportant in the sense that every time you’re in a group you can’t find yourself being part of them. That every time you say something their reaction is just ‘okay’ sometimes deadma. When you experience situation like this, tell me the truth, how does it feel?

You might feel hurt, disappointed, frustrated. The reality is that you can’t avoid such feeling because humans are emotional being and the hardest thing to do is how to control your emotions. And you can’t please anyone. You have no control of their reaction and response towards you. You and I have been in this type of situation and we don’t like the feeling every time we experience such. Am I getting it right?

So What You Should Do When You Feel Unimportant

Again, you have no control of others’ reactions towards you but the good news is you have full control of yourself as to how you handle them. If this happens almost all the time, I guess you need to step back and assess the situation. Don’t put all the blame on them but be honest to yourself that at some point you’re also accountable of the problem. Try to have a short break from the group just to have enough time for you to assess and make things right by coming up with possible solutions the moment you join with them again.

Another thing you can do is ask at least one of your friends whom you consider as the best one who can help you with your problem. Set a meeting with her/him or even just a virtual conversation just for you to express your disappointments and frustrations and make sure that he/she is willing to listen and help you. Be honest to every word you confess and let your emotions come out.

Don’t keep them yourself.

Aside from seeking help from your friend, you can also utilize your other time doing other things you really want to do. In other words do the things you are passionate about. You can go for a walk in the park. You can go fishing. You can go hiking. You can read and write. You play with your pets. You go for a vacation with your family. You go to retreats. You watch movies. Or you can just spend more time reflecting on your situation. In short, forget for the meantime your problem and just be happy and relax.

In order to counter the feeling of unimportance you can also watch video documentaries about people who successfully overcome the same feeling you have now. You can learn from them how they are able to do so. Read blogs on what to do when you feel unimportant. I am sure you’re not the only one having that feeling.

Most of all, I’d like to encourage you that every time you feel unimportant, just kneel down and pray. Spend more time with God. Read the Bible and study the Scriptures. Watch documentaries about the history of your faith. Research about stories of people who sacrificed their lives just to build the foundation of your faith. You can learn a lot of things from them.

Know more about God because He cares and loves you.

Yes that’s correct. Our God cares and loves you so much. Whenever you feel abandoned by your loved ones, your friends, your family, your teacher, your groupmates, your brothers and sisters in a community I’d like you to know that you were, are and will always be important in the eyes of the Lord. You are never as incomplete and as a failure as you think you are. Have faith that you have a purpose and He will reveal it to you in His perfect time.

From now on, don’t bother anymore every time you feel unimportant and irrelevant by those people whom you considered as your support and family. Why? Because God is enough. He’s the source of everything and if you’re with Him you will never ever, ever feel unimportant.

To your rich future,

Lebert “Futurich” Omac

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