Today is an ordinary day.

When you go outside, you can see ordinary things. You can see ordinary people. The weather is ordinary. Nothing’s special today as you notice.

But did you ever ask yourself why there is a term “extraordinary”? Did you ever wonder how come there are people considered as such; people with extraordinary talents, skills and wealth?

Let me remind you first about this truth;

“In the eyes of God there is no such thing as “ordinary”.

We are all extraordinary. The problem for us is we always compare or equate ourselves with those we think are higher than us. When we see people with exceptional talents, skills and wealth, we change the way we look at ourselves. We feel inferior.”

This is the sad thing. We are the ones who branded ourselves as ordinary. This perception makes us blind about the divine truth and it will take time for us to change this. We need to remind ourselves every moment that we are extraordinary because we have an extraordinary God. Despite the ordinariness we feel now, we cannot change the extraordinary future the Lord has prepared for us.

Remember that those people we branded as extraordinary are at first ordinary ones. What makes them different is their faith that they have an extraordinary mission in the world. And at one point in their life they found the confidence to fulfill that mission for the greater glory of God. Just think of the twelve apostles, the saints, the missionaries, celebrities, sports champions and so many other extraordinary people.

Whatever struggles and hardships you have right now, know that the Lord cares for you and nothing can take away His love for you. Don’t be bothered if others look down on you, if they humiliated and criticized you because you have the Lord with you and you’re yet to fulfil your mission.

As C.S. Lewis said, “hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

From now on forget being ordinary because you are E-X- T-R- A-O- R-D- I-N- A-R- Y.

To your rich future,


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