I was struck when I learned this from Neale Donald Walsch in one of his Youtube videos. I believe it’s a hard truth.

As much as I want to believe that my life is meant for me, I would still go back to this truth until I wholly accepted it.

I know that it will be hard to implement in my day to day life but I see hope for it as I know a lot of people who are successful in sacrificing their life to others.

And the best example of it is when our God, the Father sacrificed His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ in order to save us from our sins.

Now, I would like to share about my mother as she is fit for this truth.

Growing up, I am fully aware of the sacrifices of my mother. She is a testament to what life should be lived. She never gets tired of loving us. She never gets tired of cooking for us and preparing our food.

She never gets tired of waking up early in the morning just to make sure the moment we wake up all our needs for school are ready and prepared. She never gets tired of praying for us, for reminding us to finish our studies as she herself never had the chance to finish so.

My mother is always there to take care of us when we are sick and weak. She always makes sure we are strong and well. My mother is always there during our recognition days in school.

She’s always ready to assist us every time we need help. She makes sure we will arrive home safe and sound.

Even now that we already finished our studies, she still never gets bored of listening to our stories and experiences. She always patiently waits for the days we come home.

She still accompanies us in the airport to make sure we are safe and we are not late of our flight. She still misses our time together, the laughter we shared every time we’re together.

These are only some of the things my mother did and is doing for me and for our family. There are still a lot of things she did and continuously doing.

I am very sure she will still continue doing these things because she loves what she is doing. Because she knows these are the reasons why she lives. She knows that her life is not about her.

Because she knows her purpose and that will only matter and for the Lord’s plan for her.

Thank you Ma for all that you’ve done, you’re doing and for all the things you still need to do. Thanks for showing me an example of what life should be.

Thanks for making my life easier, for making me understand life better.

My friend, if you are reading until here, I want to thank you. I hope you learn something on this quick reflection about my mother and our life as a whole.

Help me pray that if not all, most of us will realize that we have a responsibility to others and that we are created by God not to serve ourselves but be of service to others.

It will be difficult at first but once we seek the help of the Lord and we consistently do our part, the journey will be worthwhile.

God bless you, my friend!



Lebert Omac

Lebert is a forester by profession and currently working as a sales associate in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He comes from a simple family of Bohol, Philippines and is the breadwinner of their family. Aside from making sure that his family is provided with all their needs, he is also passionate about faith-building at the same time building healthy and lasting relationships with everyone, especially to his fiancee. On top of all the things he's doing now, he also dreams of building a God-fearing and God-centered family in the future and eventually make it a mission in order to build a peaceful society. Growing up in a family where he feels all the love and support push him to pursue this dream.
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